Novice Coursework

This class is ideally suited to those competing in Starters or Novice level trials and to those who are new handlers to the sport of dog agility. Dogs must be able to do every agility obstacle and work off leash to participate in this class.


Tuesdays @ 6PM with Ashley

Wednesdays @ 6:30PM with Ashley

Wednesdays @ 10AM with Merritt

Thursdays @ 10AM with Merritt

Thursdays @ 8PM with Alyssa

Masters Coursework

Our Masters class is for dog and handler teams who are competing in the Excellent or Master levels. More advanced handling drills and proofing exercises will prepare teams for competition. Teams will have both Jumpers and Standard courses during the class duration offered on various nights.


Tuesdays @ 10AM with Merritt

Tuesdays @ 11AM with Merritt

Tuesdays @ 5PM with Merritt

Tuesdays @ 7PM with Ashley

Tuesdays @ 8PM with Ashley

Wednesdays @ 9AM with Merritt

Wednesdays @ 11AM with Merritt

Wednesdays @ 7:30PM with Ashley

Thursdays @ 6PM with Alyssa

Thursdays @ 7PM with Alyssa