Dog Sport Foundation

This class is for the handler that is looking to start their puppy or new sport dog off right. Appropriate as introductory work for any sport, this class will focus on building drive, focus and impulse control through fun exercises and games. This class is an optional, but recommended level in our agility class progression.

$160 for 8 weeks.

Mondays @ 1PM with Merritt

Mondays @ 7PM with Courtney

Tuesdays @ 12pm with Morgan

Agility 101

Dogs and handlers will learn proper foundation and get started in Agility training. All dogs must be able to work off-leash or with a light line dragging to participate. Dogs will learn introductory obstacle skills as well as tricks and behaviors to start off in the sport. Dogs will learn how to take all types of jumps, tunnels as well as work on foundation behaviors such as following the handler.

Mondays @ 7:30PM with Morgan

Tuesdays @ 1PM with Morgan

Tuesdays @ 6PM with Sarah

Basic Handling

Handlers will learn the techniques and handling skills required for running a smooth agility course. We will introduce you to the various handling and turning skills required to navigate a course. Dogs will be working short drills and sequences and are required to work off leash for this class. These sequences will consist of all types of jumps and tunnels.

Mondays @ 8PM with Merritt

Wednesdays @ 5:30pm with Ashley

Thursdays @ 11AM with Elizabeth



Dogs entering our weaves class should have a strong understanding of jumps and tunnels and and be prepared to learn weave poles. Dogs will also work short sequences with various obstacles to build up to full course work. Your dog will be taught to weave with confidence after completing this class. All dogs must work off-leash in this level.

Tuesdays @ 7PM with Sarah


Contacts class introduces all contact obstacles, including the teeter, dogwalk and a-frame as well as short drills adding these obstacles in sequence with other obstacles. Dogs will also work short sequences with various obstacles to build up to full course work.

This level is also appropriate for dogs currently competing that need work on contacts.

Mondays @ 6PM with Merritt

Mondays @ 7PM with Merritt