Manners Classes

Does your dog jump up, play bite or bark? Do you need some potty training help for your pup? Or do you want you and your dog to get a training refresher? Our training classes will have you telling everyone that your dog is a "Good Dog!" in no time!

Join our “Good Dog!” manners class program to give your dog the best possible start to life with you. Our program focuses on teaching your dog to be well mannered while also teaching you both skills and techniques to ensure training success.

All classes are on-leash and dogs are kept in crates at your side when they are not working. We will provide crates and chairs for class time. Our program is sold in 8 or 12 week time frames. The price is $180 per 8 weeks or $250 for 12 weeks and you select the date you'd like to join. Our program is a constantly rolling program so join anytime! You can also continue to add 8-12 weeks on until you and your dog graduate the program.

Examples of behaviors covered in class:

  • learning basic obedience

  • walking on a loose leash instead of pulling

  • no jumping up on people or counters

  • greeting visitors politely in the home

  • walking past other dogs calmly

  • learning new behaviors to replace attention seeking behaviors like barking, pawing and nipping

  • being calm instead of anxious or fearful

  • and more!


Basic Manners

Orientation is strongly recommended before beginning manners. Dogs are not allowed at orientation- humans only! Orientation is Mondays @ 6:30PM with Morgan

Basic Manners is the perfect starting point for all teams. This class starts with our well-rounded beginner curriculum and is designed to introduce your dog to learning basic skills and good manners. Basic Manners is appropriate for dogs of all ages with little to no previous obedience training. Our manners classes are appropriate for dogs of all ages.

Tuesdays @ 11AM with Morgan

Tuesdays @12pm with Morgan

Tuesdays @ 6:30PM with Brittany

Wednesdays @ 6:30PM with Amy

basic manners.jpg

Advanced Manners

Advanced Manners will build on the skills learned in Basic Manners. Dogs can jump ahead a level in our program upon joining if their owner provides proof of attending a class at another location OR the dog tests out of the class.

Tuesdays @ 7:30PM with Brittany

Wednesdays @ 7:30PM with Amy