Dog Sport Foundation

This class is for the handler that is looking to start their puppy or new sport dog off right. Appropriate as introductory work for any sport, this class will focus on building drive, focus and impulse control through fun exercises and games.

Mondays @ 1PM with Merritt

Mondays @ 7PM with Courtney

Rally Obedience

This course covers all levels of rally and tailors drills per enrolled teams. From beginner to advanced, our instructors will test your skills and teach you tips and tricks for success.

Mondays @ 6PM with Courtney

Competition Obedience Foundation

This class is for the team that wants to compete past the Novice level of Obedience. There will be a strong emphasis on heeling, and skills for Open/Utility will be introduced. Holds/retrieves, position changes, distance work, and jumping will be covered.

Mondays @ 8PM with Courtney

Precision Heeling

Increase your dog’s understanding of the heel position in this class. Whether you are looking to compete in obedience, rally, agility, or other sports, this class is vital! All levels of dogs are welcome.

Thursdays @ 6:30PM with Courtney

Tricks and Stunt Dog

NEW! Tricks will be offered online. Check out our Virtual Learning page for more information.

Get ready to show off! Our tricks and stunt dog classes up your training game and help prepare you for performances, trick dog titles and more! If you're looking for a class to bridge the gap between manners and dog sports this is the one for you.