Agility Video Review and Coaching: Staring at your agility trial videos and wondering just what went wrong, or how to fix a recurring issue? Keep getting stuck in the same place while training alone? Instructors Merritt Speagle and Ashley Castro are offering video review to help you reach the next level in showing and training! Email or for more information. Pricing varies.

Skype/Facetime Agility Lessons: Can’t travel to Level Up for a private, but still want real-time learning? No problem! Learn from your own backyard with instructor Ashley Castro via Skype or Facetime. Please email for more information. Pricing varies.

COMING SOON - Online Tricks Classes: Get ready to show off! Our tricks and stunt dog classes up your training game and help prepare you for performances, trick dog titles and more! If you're looking for a class to bridge the gap between manners and dog sports this is the one for you. Earn your Trick Dog titles upon completion of the class.

Specialty Agility Classes: Our Specialty Classes are also available for online working and audit spots. Users receive lifetime access to all class materials. Email for more info.

  • Working spots are $100/session, where teams receive all written training plans and may post video for feedback

  • Auditing spots are $50/session, where teams receive all written training plans and have access to videos from all teams who have working spots

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